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Are you over Enertia's after-thought of an accounting system, significant IT overhead costs, and user unfriendly interfaces? Meet Landdox - the perfect fit for modern land administrators unfulfilled by legacy systems and craving true land management.

How do we compare?

Accounting departments are Enertia’s top priority. Landdox’s mission is to empower modern land teams.

Enertia has a take-it-or-leave-it approach to land system customization and reporting. With a dearth of meaningful land system improvements in recent quarterly updates and new versions, Enertia land system customers have resigned themselves to second class citizenship for the foreseeable future.

At Landdox, modern land management is the whole point - not an afterthought. Landdox customers can easily customize their account and build the reports that answer their company’s most important questions. Landdox continuously delivers new features designed to expand modern land teams’ capabilities and range.

Landdox vs Enertia, Better Land Management

Enertia doesn’t make it any easier for Land and Accounting to stay in sync.

Double-entry bookkeeping is a fine accounting principle, but it makes for lousy enterprise software integration. Enertia’s most compelling promise to land teams is that it’s ‘integrated’ with the ERP and accounting system. The reality is that business associate, well deck, and payment information changes must be maintained independently in both the land and accounting modules.

Landdox offers push-pull integrations with a growing suite of oil & gas accounting software products. These integrations allow customers to designate a system of record for payments, well decks, and contacts - and keep multiple systems synced automatically.

Landdox vs Enertia, Big Data

‘Big Data’ is a big pain with Enertia.

Mass exporting land data from Enertia requires IT overhead and lots of back-and-forth with Enertia’s services team. With limited DIY data importer tools and intensive Enertia staff involvement required, importing large amounts of data into Enertia is no easier.

Data junkies love Landdox. Our public API makes it easy for customers to feed all their land data real-time into central data warehouses, data visualization apps, and GIS servers. Importing records, documents, and maps from legacy systems into Landdox is also a cinch thanks to Landdox's embedded data conversion tools.

Landdox vs Enertia, Customer Support

Getting the right Enertia expert on the phone can be difficult.

Support ticketing systems like Enertia’s can feel like a black hole, especially when customers want direct access to knowledgeable experts and customer service accountability. Caps on support hours and extra charges for overages don’t help either.

Landdox customers who have questions, need help, or want to provide feedback don't use a ticketing system. Instead, they call, email, text, or Slack message their dedicated customer success rep directly. There's no charge for fanatical customer service. Unlimited access is simply part of the deal with Landdox.

Enertia’s architecture makes it difficult to keep up with the times.

Enertia customers must license and install new versions of its software in order to take advantage of major feature additions and enhancements. Upgrading versions is a major undertaking that requires months of internal testing before deploying to a live environment. Even simple quarterly updates require IT teams to work off-hours in order to minimize business downtime and come with several days of post-upgrade troubleshooting.

Landdox is cloud-based software that is seamlessly updated almost daily with new features and improvements. There is zero IT overhead required to use Landdox. Every time a customer logs into Landdox, they're getting the latest version. Landdox has extremely high uptime because we're powered by leading cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon Web Services.

What about features?

Features Landdox Enertia
Designed for Land, not Accounting
Cloud native software
Easily customizable
New features and improvements seamlessly released every week
DIY data import tools
New account provisioned in minutes, large-scale data conversions in under 30 days
Zero IT overhead required
Public API for easy third-party software integrations
Flexible report builder included
Modern, intuitive user interface
Free and unlimited customer support
Enverus Drillinginfo plug-and-play integration
Document management fully integrated


"Landdox is seamless and intuitive"

Landdox makes counting acreage, capturing information and creating reports incredibly easy and accurate.

Are you ready to update your land system?

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Fully integrated

Operate more efficiently and accurately by relying on a single source of truth for ownership stakes, well decks, obligations, payments and more.



Landdox makes it easy for customers to personalize their account with customizable templates, user-defined provision & obligation tracking, and the ability to model any type of agreement or asset at scale.



Landdox is accessible everywhere at any time, and customer data is protected by enterprise-scale security and back-up protocols. Landdox is fast and constantly improving. Customers have full access to Landdox’s secure API and developer toolkit.


Easy Transition

Landdox importer tools make it a cinch to lift and shift huge amounts of data, documents, and maps from legacy land systems into your Landdox account. The Landdox importer runs hundreds of data validation checks in seconds and can create thousands of accurate new records in minutes.



"Landdbox is seamless and intuitive"

Landdbox makes counting acreage, capturing information and creating reports incredibly easy and accurate.

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