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Quorum Land is less like a system and more like a loose assembly of disparate modules. It’s also pretty expensive and ill-suited for the casual business user. Landdox simplifies land management. Find out how.

How do we compare?

Q: How many modules must be licensed in order to achieve comprehensive land management?

QLS, QLA, QDO, QGIS, QQM, DynamicDocs, QRA … the list goes on and on. No wonder so many of the largest oil & gas companies in the U.S. complained in PwC’s 2019 land management survey that land systems aren’t fully integrated. Even with the largest vendor’s land system, customers must license, stitch together, and try to maintain harmony among 10 or more modules just to get the basic work done.

Landdox is a single application that includes everything the modern land team needs to do their job. Landdox customers enjoy a fully integrated experience that includes document management with OCR text search, reporting, mapping, calendars, payments, and provision and obligation tracking in a single piece of software. With Landdox, there are no modules and no half-baked integrations.

Landdox vs Quorum, Land Your Way, Integrations

Customizing Quorum Land? Better get it right the first time!

Systems integrators charge a fortune to configure and implement QLS. Once a customer goes live with QLS, it's practically impossible to add new customization to address changing business requirements. To add insult to economic injury, customers who migrate from classic QLS to myQuorum Land must rebuild all their customization from scratch. If you’re thinking about installing or upgrading QLS, get out your checkbook!

Landdox delivers Land Your Way right away with new Landdox accounts provisioned in minutes. Landdox standardizes the important but complex relationships and calculations critical to land management, which frees customers to focus on what makes them unique. Landdox’s embedded customization tools make it easy for customers to personalize their Landdox account at any time. And of course, Landdox’s customer success team is there every step of the way to provide support, recommendations, and coaching.

Landdox vs Quorum Land, Big Data

'Big Data' is a big problem with QLS.

In order to ensure large-scale data pulls meet their business users’ needs, Quorum Land customers must hire unicorn employees who possess a rare blend of database and land administration expertise. Customers using Quorum-hosted land solutions find it even more difficult and expensive to get access to their proprietary land data at scale. It's equally challenging and costly to import large amounts of records into QLS because the software does not include DIY data importer tools.

Data junkies love Landdox. Our public API makes it easy for customers to feed all their land data real-time into central data warehouses, data visualization apps, and GIS servers. Importing records, documents, and maps from legacy systems into Landdox is also a cinch thanks to Landdox's embedded data conversion tools.

Landdox vs Quorum Land System, Downtime

QLS updates mean business downtime.

Updating QLS and myQuorum Land is not just an IT job. Business users must block off time to participate in sandbox environment testing and quality assurance work, which can span months. When it's finally time to "go live", users typically lose access to the software while their colleagues in IT migrate the system into a production environment.

Landdox is cloud-based software that is seamlessly updated almost daily with new features and improvements. There is zero IT overhead required to use Landdox. Every time a customer logs into Landdox, they're getting the latest version. Landdox has extremely high uptime because we're powered by leading cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon Web Services.

Flexible reporting is a foreign concept in QLS.

QLS' native reports are pre-loaded in the configuration & implementation phase and difficult to adapt without paying professional service fees. Customers must license, install, and become experts in third-party reporting modules like Crystal and QQM in order to take liberties analyzing their own land data housed in QLS.

Landdox’s drag-and-drop report builder makes it easy for customers to get the answers they need right inside their account. Report results are available in seconds, can be downloaded with a single click, and are archived automatically. Sort and filter features make it easy to sift through large data sets and glean insights quickly.

What about features?

Features Landdox Quorum Land
Cloud native software
Single, fully integrated application - no modules or versions
Easily customizable
New features and improvements seamlessly released every week
DIY data import tools
New account provisioned in minutes, large-scale data conversions in under 30 days
Zero IT overhead required
Public API for easy third-party software integrations
Flexible report builder included
Modern, intuitive interface
Free and unlimited customer support
Enverus Drillinginfo plug-and-play integration
Document management fully integrated


"Landdox let us pull our data out."

Landdox is the only land system that is built to integrate with other systems and facilitate the flow of data and information between them.

Are you ready to update your land system?

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Fully Integrated

Operate more efficiently and accurately by relying on a single source of truth for ownership stakes, well decks, obligations, payments and more.



Landdox makes it easy for customers to personalize their account with customizable templates, user-defined provision & obligation tracking, and the ability to model any type of agreement or asset at scale.



Landdox is accessible everywhere at any time, and customer data is protected by enterprise-scale security and back-up protocols. Landdox is fast and constantly improving. Customers have full access to Landdox’s secure API and developer toolkit.


Easy Transition

Landdox importer tools make it a cinch to lift and shift huge amounts of data, documents, and maps from legacy land systems into your Landdox account. The Landdox importer runs hundreds of data validation checks in seconds and can create thousands of accurate new records in minutes.



"Landdbox is seamless and intuitive"

Landdbox makes counting acreage, capturing information and creating reports incredibly easy and accurate.

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